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A powerful UX

User Experience, not just easy on the eyes

A website should not just be functional and look good, it also needs to be extremely user-friendly.

Our designer knows how to achieve this very well. He creates an attractive design in consultation with you and looks through the eyes of the user to achieve a great result. During this design phase, he thinks about the “key” elements on the website, the look and feel, the style, a logical flow, and much more.

We often work with wireframing and information architecture in order to understand in advance where we want to go in the design phase. Wireframes are basically a draft of the website in its raw shape. Blocks, buttons, and frames determine where images and texts will appear. This way, you, as a customer, are well aware of what we have in mind. It is not efficient to create 4 different designs without first thinking about the content.

In short, at corecrew, we understand that 'soit belle et tais-toi' does not apply.

The target audience largely determined the approach when creating a powerful UX website. We must take a number of factors into account:

Who is our visitor?

  • Do we target a young audience, or rather a 40-plus audience?
  • How experienced are they with computers and/or the Internet?
  • Are they looking for information, products, entertainment, or interaction?

What devices does he/she use?

Desktop - Tablet - Smartphone

It goes without saying that these days, we make sure that the entire website is built to be responsive, but the UX is different for each device.

Tip: a website that is not responsive is severely punished in terms of its SEO ranking.

After developing a design, we start implementing the designs based on the latest front-end technologies. Depending on the target audience you want to reach, we modify the specifications that the design imposes on us.

corecrew looks closely at the UX (User Experience), an aspect of web design that is often overlooked! It’s great if everything works, but is the flow structure logical? Can the visitor obtain information with little effort?

Why is User Experience so important now?

“As long as my website looks good, I’m fine, right...?”

A good User Experience analysis and implementation can make the difference between a lot of conversion or missed opportunities. Take a look at your Google Analytics account and see what bounce percentage you have. Where do people quit? Where do they get stuck and leave your website?

Do you already have a website, but could it use a new look? Then you have come to the right place at corecrew.

  • We follow new trends
  • Analyse what worked before and what did not
  • Consult with you and ensure that your redesign has added value


Do you have any questions for our heros? Ask away.