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Training and coaching

Sharing our awesome skills

Congratulations with your new website! Finally, you have that digital platform you've always dreamed of, but what now?

corecrew will continue to support you after delivery of your project. Depending on the in-house knowledge, we will provide training and coaching to assist your webmaster and technician.


CMS-training for webmasters

After building your digital project, our corecrew heroes will provide customised training. You will get all the tools and insights on how to personally keep your website up-to- date with dynamic information and engaging content. With a user-friendly interface and the latest tips and tricks, we equip our customers to keep their digital story vibrant.


CMS training for developers

Some organisations choose to manage their own website. That is also possible. In which case, we provide training for the co-techies among us. This training is a lot more technical and mainly focuses on the underlying structure of the website. Both front-end and back-end insights are thoroughly discussed. 


Find out what other training you can get

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