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SEO Optimalization


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is all about measures that have to be taken so that the search engines (Google, for example) can screen and score your website optimally. The score that Google gives to your website determines your ranking in the search results when a visitor enters their search terms. The higher your score, the higher you rank. 

At corecrew we obviously see to it that your website is perfectly attuned to new trends and requirements to keep the SEO ranking as high as possible. 
We also give our customers training courses so they can work by themselves. 


What determines your SEO score?

  • The speed at which your pages load
  • Clear and short URLs
  • Copywriting in which the textual structure is easily searchable by the search engine
  • Clean HTML-coding
  • The presence of meta titles en meta descriptions
  • The frequency of web users from other websites landing on your website and the length of the visits
  • The correct use of headers <h1> <h2>
  • The use of OG tags so that the content editor of the website can determine which texts should appear when users want to share through social media.
  • The use of alt texts for images
  • ...

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