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Drafting SEA campaigns


Using Google Advertising, you can encourage more users to take a virtual tour of your digital story. 

Even with a modest budget, you can ensure that your website gets an increased number of significant visits.  


The operation in a nutshell:

Based on predetermined goals and proposed budgets, you can purchase Google advertising space to put your story in the spotlight as much as possible.
The advertiser determines the keywords he wants to associate with the ad in question and the relevant destination page on his website.
This way, you hold the reins to show your story based on predetermined criteria. 

It is also possible to target specific groups (age, gender, location …), a good way to get the most out of your campaign. 

In addition to text ads, you can also publish videos, banners, product information and much more. 

Have you already started setting up an Adwords account with campaigns, adgroups and advertisements, but would like some tips and tricks to get the highest possible conversion or make the best impressions?
Would you prefer our help with the complete set-up of your Adwords strategy and campaigns?  

Then, our corecrew heroes will be happy to help you.


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