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Reliable hosting

Looking for a reliable partner to entrust your hosting package to?

Then, you are at the right place at corecrew's. We work with highly durable partners who are widely known among internet connoisseurs for good service and secure hosting

We can propose a hosting package based on your needs and requirements. 

  1. Maybe you need a simple hosting package because you do not attract thousands of visitors every day or you do not have a huge image databank? Then a basic package is sufficient.  
  2. Maybe you have a web shop with images that attract many visitors (at the same time), then an extension of the basic package would be a positive move. 

We only propose an extension when the website experiences delay or may be impeded. 

Remember Google gives a lower SEO ranking (link page SEO) when a page does not load quickly.

Our heroes already provide a very useful tip:
Make optimal use of visual material.  

Do not load the same image several times in the CMS media library.
Each image takes up space which in turn reduces the remaining space for hosting. 

High resolution (300dpi) images are too memory hungry for the web. To upload an image of 72 dpi is sufficient for effective results. 

In short, choose our safe and reliable hosting. 


Do you have any questions for our heros? Ask away.