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Online advertising

Online advertising enables you to talk to visitors in a very targeted way 

Adwords Social media 

These days, there are various ways of guiding visitors to your website: there are Adwords campaigns, e-mail campaigns, office initiatives, and of course, social media.

Even more advantages

  • Efficient audience targeting based on age, location, interests, etc.
  • Personal approach - works better than bulk campaigns
  • The ability to know more about your customers by linking to Google Analytics
  • Budget-friendly tactics
  • Reports are included in advertising packages by default

When can you use online advertising?

  • Make sure that your digital platform (website or webshop) is safe. For instance, Google Shopping is not possible if your user cannot pay securely on your website.
  • Think of content marketing before you massively lure visitors to your website. Will they effectively get what they are looking for? If someone visits your website and does not find what he/she is looking for, the chance of a return visit decreases significantly. Get them hooked on your product!
  • Do not forget about SEO and SMO. The texts you use in the advertisements may not contain any false promises or irrelevant information.
  • Create engaging and converting landing pages. Once a visitor finds what he/she is looking for on your page, there should be an option to convert (order, contact, register…)

SEA for the brave

You can use Adwords campaigns to guide users who are already looking for your services/products to your website. You choose a budget, create an ad text, provide a relevant landing page, and you’re all done. Do you only want to appeal to a specific segment? You can. Consciously targeting is perfectly possible.

Do you think online advertising can make a difference for you? Then be sure to come and listen to us.

Adwords Social media 



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