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Content marketing

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This term is often used, but what does it actually mean? Content marketing is a form of communication that directly appeals to your target audience and encourages the desired results. You can use the content of your website to efficiently try to achieve the objectives you have set.

  • What information is relevant to my customers?
  • What CTA will result in the most conversion?
  • How can you generate more leads through content marketing?

Our own corecrew specialist, Elke, is happy to help you design this setup.

Elke's tip

Do not start with content marketing when your website is already as good as built. Start much earlier. Your story, approach, type of customer, and competitive environment must be perfectly mapped before you can determine what exactly needs to be on your website. Be proactive and do not just consider content marketing as a final touch.


Heb je vragen voor onze Marketing Jedi, Elke? Laat van je horen.