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Our consultants

corecrew heroes on duty

Recruiting a corecrew consultant means taking a reliable partner on board. We have service heroes who are experts in various facets. There are front-end developers, back-end developers, strategic wizards, project managers, online marketers, social media experts, designers and solution-oriented techies who you can turn to for support on all your high-level projects. 


Why consulting?

Digitisation is constantly changing. It is a fast-moving data environment which requires fas catch-up. As an entrepreneur or department representative, it is often impossible to keep updated digital knowledge at all times. Therefore, it may be interesting to rely on an expert who can support you and your project on-site, for a short or long period of time. 
We become, as it were, your colleagues during the development of your project. 

Your benefits

  • The objective view of a consultant can provide a better analysis of changes or problems in your company.
  • Experience and expertise you may not always have in-house. An external consultant constantly renews his experience.
  • Our consultants are remote and have less prejudice in any sensitive business issues.
  • They can be appropriate, objective mediators on conflicts or problems. Our consultants provide independent advice.
  • They have time and are flexible enough to reflect on a problem, address it, and to provide relevant information.
  • In the longer term, our heroes are less expensive than employing a full-time specialist.
  • Consultants can be deployed flexibly.


Our in-house consulting and operational services are a powerful support for:

  • fixed-term projects.
  • the replacement of an absent colleague or pending recruitment.
  • the transfer of new insights, trends, and inspiration.
  • formatting specifications or RFPs.

Do you have any questions for our heros? Ask away.