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Email marketing

A very effective way to communicate with customers or potential leads is to implement an inspiring and motivating e-mail campaign.
It gives you the opportunity to send specific messages, information about products or news facts.  


Address your customers spontaneously and directly through a digital story adapted to your readers.

Some benefits to sending conscious e-mail campaigns:

  • Short and to the point, you can convey your story at a glance.
  • The recipients of these mailings continuously feel involved with your story. The sense of community can be powerfully nourished through e- mail campaigns.
  • Well thought-out calls-to- action encourage the reader to take action. 
  • Reports from the mail programs (including Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Flexmail, Selligent, etc.) provide a lot of information.
  • And much more...


A powerful e-mail campaign can work wonders. But how do you start?

corecrew can create an account for you through the desired e-mail platform and can also create a customised e-mail template. It is of the utmost importance to respect the conditions of a good e-mail campaign. These conditions determine the reliability of your e-mail according to the recipient’s mailbox. 

In short, corecrew takes care of establishing the complete set-up.
The marketer only needs to perform a few clicks before sharing an e-mail campaign with his readers.


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