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The information, texts, names, images, photos, logos and icons on the website are only provided by corecrew as they are offered on the website, this without any form of undertaking or guarantee of suitability for commercial application, practical use or that they do not infringe on any kind of rights. corecrew does not guarantee that the content of this website is correct and reliable, that the website will be available at all times at any location, that faults and errors related to the website will be rectified immediately or that the website is free from viruses or other harmful components. It is not permitted to change, replace, adapt or supplement the information found on this website. 

Use of the website

 Using the website is at your own expense and risk. corecrew is in no way liable for the consequences of using the website nor for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the content on the website  or the information on the website, whether or not this is provided by third parties. corecrew is not responsible for the content of the website in as far as it is provided by third parties. corecrew maintains the right to change and/or remove any information provided by third parties if it conflicts with law, common decency, public order and/or the agreed terms and conditions. 

Voluntary participation on the website

 In some sections of the site it is possible to provide a voluntary contribution to the site. However, these contributions are subject to a number of rules: 

The participant will always observe the general norms and standards of social traffic. That is to say that there will be no contributions of any sexual, pornographic, racist or discriminating nature,among others. 
Participation on this site is completely at the expense and risk of the participant. 
By participating, the participant guarantees to possess all rights to the provided contribution(s) and& indemnifies corecrew for any possible claims by third parties in this regard. 
By participating, all rights related to the contributions are transferred to corecrew. corecrew can& therefore apply and use the contribution(s) without restriction, for example but not limited to use for television and radio programmes.
There will be no abuse of the site, for example by inundating news items with (almost) the same messages.
corecrew has the right at all times to immediately remove and/or edit any (parts of) contribution(s) it deems unacceptable. 
Statements, opinions and representations expressed in the contributions by third parties on the site are submitted under the name of and responsibility of the participants/authors and not under that of the editorial team or corecrew. 

Intellectual Property

 All materials on the website, such as texts, images, photographic material, illustrations and other graphic material, names and logos are linked to intellectual property rights and corecrew holds all rights in relation to intellectual property. It is not permitted to reproduce the aforementioned materials or disclose them for commercial purposes unless Corecrew has given written permission to do so.  Nothing on this website entails the granting of any right or licence in relation to the named intellectual property rights. For more information about publishing articles, please contact us at